In the midst of family loss and tragedy, six-year-old Kera Moore discovers she has the power to bring people back to life with her tears. However, she quickly learns this gift requires an incredible sacrifice.

She Kissed a Frog

In the Fall of 1995, sixteen-year old, Michelle, decides to travel from Long Island to Upstate New York to share a kiss with her pen pal, Manny.

Breathe, Relax

A commercial for Splendid Clothing Company, “Make Every Day Splendid.”.

Violet & Blu

The fable of two best friends: Violet and Blu. Violet will do anything to fix what happened to Blu on prom night.

Hot Skates

In this short doc we follow Lynna MovingStar into the world of underground Roller Disco.

When I Was Her

Cat goes to Central Park to revisit one of the biggest moments in her life. A moment that influenced the woman she became.